President Message for August 2023
 Hello Crankin A’s! At long last I am happy to report - the concrete ramp behind the Garage was poured today I can hear several of you right now expressing a sigh of relief. Three separate sections were poured. We have a concrete ramp directly behind the West side of the building, for cars and wheelchairs to get onto the back concrete pad. There is a concrete ramp on the South side for cars to easily drive onto the lift. And there is a concrete pad for beneath the portable potty. I believe it will be large enough for us to have flower pots around the perimeter of the potty! May I suggest something fragrant!

 We are now sitting here behind the building waiting for the concrete to set up enough for them to put a broom finish. The concrete guys are the same ones who did the work for our building slab. Benny, the foreman, was very impressed to see how the building turned out and what we have done inside. Looking at it thru their eyes for the first time brought back many memories for me. From the day our permit was approved and the trucks began rolling in with fill dirt, to the pouring of the concrete slab and to Joe the carpenter building walls and the roof. Those were truly exciting days. Today, as we were overseeing the concrete job taking place, someone asked me if I’ve had enough of all of this. The only thought I could come up with, that might be a bit of a drag, is the long drive to get here. But really, the ride is not all that bad. And the reward of arriving here at Herman’s Garage and the Pioneer Settlement is worth it. It is so peaceful here. And thinking about Tinker Tuesday with everyone working on projects and the fun of people getting together for club events puts a smile on the face.

 I hope everyone feels the same about coming to the Garage and continues to keep enthusiasm about the future of our club. We have so many wonderful days to look forward to. We are truly fortunate to have such a marvelous opportunity to have our own club house and a community with which to share it. 

Oh yes, one last thing, please don’t come and test out the concrete just yet! It needs a day or so to dry! See you soon, Kim