President's Message for September 2023

Happy Fall everyone! 

Fall seems like a pivotal time of the year in many ways. It’s a time when you see nature taking its course – the days become shorter, temperature begins to cool down and the leaves change colors. Living things leave the north for warmer destinations in the south. It represents the start of the final leg of our ‘road trip’ toward the end of the year, when it is our time to get out and enjoying the outdoors (without having a heat stroke)! There is also an excitement as we look forward to the holidays and getting together with family and friends. 

It is a great time to reflect on the past before getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of those upcoming holidays. Looking back over the beginning of 2023 we certainly have had a lot of accomplishments and successful events. There have been so many good times. Thinking back and reflecting on all we have done should make us optimistic about October and going forward. Just take look at our calendar of events for October - we are kicking off the Fall with a lot of opportunities to get out and enjoy driving or Model A’s with our Model A friends. 

I am looking forward to meeting with the ladies for ladies day - all the projects coming together at the Garage - driving our cars and seeing that long line of Model A’s going down the road and lined up in parking lots - fellowship with family, friends and getting to know new members joining our club – giving thanks to all those who have helped us along the road (and literally on the side of the road) - and our members who continue to donate time and talents. It is going to be a great 3 months wrapping up an awesome year. 

What are you looking forward to this Fall?