Here I am with the first month of the new year under my belt. I already received many bits of advice to help me with my Presidency. I hope I remember them, I forgot to write them down. At our January meeting we had Jim and Janice as guests and by the end of the meeting they became members. A big welcome to them as new members of our Crankin A’s. The last two years our club has made some bold moves forward under Kim’s direction. She set the bar high. I’m hoping I can reach that high to move the club forward for the next two years. There is no way I can do that without all of you. Our club has so many wonderful members, with so many talents and a wealth of knowledge. No wonder our club is so strong! I’m hoping to see more trips to fun places in our Model A’s. I’m sure you have heard, it’s not the destination but the journey, enjoying the ride. Traveling on the back roads, seeing the sights that most travelers miss and finding great places to eat! Be sure to check the website calendar for our exciting upcoming events! Thanks to our web committee for keeping this current! See you on the back roads !Paul