Our meeting this month started and finished on somewhat of a funny note. At first I thought we didn't have anyone to collect the 50/50. Then Roberta Covart offered to pick the restaurant for our May Thursday dinner. We thank her for stepping up and then Shiela and Herman enter the meeting, who were designated to substitute for the 50/50, saying they were held up in traffic. Now what? We decided to go ahead with the 50/50. It worked out perfectly. Our guest speaker, Joel Mail, won the 50/50, donated his portion back to the club. Roberta saved the day. That was fun . Some items to note, We are still in the need for entertainment for our Christmas party. Time is running out. Our car show is April 6th. Please, you-all who bring baked goods to our show please make an extra batch to give the Settlement to sell. This is one way to do our part to help them. We also need people to help park cars. We also need help selling 50/50, not only at our table but on all of the Settlement property. We have dash plaques, trophies and some prizes. The fun part leading up to our car show is Friday 5th at 9:00am when we set up our tent. Our club dinner is April 11th at 5:30pm at Alfie's, 1666 Ocean Shore Blvd, O.B. 32176.We need to lock in a head count of people who want to do a tour to Greenwood, S.C. It's April 19th & 20th. It's a two day trip up and a two day trip back. It should be a fun trip.Thank you to our club members who represented our club at the Spring Turkey Rod Run and filling in on meeting duties. One last thing. Our guest speaker, Joel Maul,  talking about the Great Race of 1908 was great. I could have listened to him much longer. For those of you who missed it, missed something special. Till next time, Paul