The Board of Directors meeting minutes are below.

  • Date: 9/19/2023 10:00 AM
  • Location 1776 Lightfoot Lane, Pierson, FL, USA (Map)

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Crankin A’s Board of Directors Minutes

Date/Time: 9/19/2023 at 10:15 AM

Location: The Garage educational area

The Board of Directors in attendance were Fred Clark, James Foresman, Jeff Moore, Herman Wedemire, Fred Ziffra. Absent was J. B. Barnes. A quorum was present.

This meeting was requested and led by club member Gary Michael, garage foreman.

Discussion of the following:

  • Security for the Garage – Cameras and internet access was recommended.
  • It was suggested that 3 people have authorization to access the loft area, authorize the sale of car parts, and manage the borrowing of club tools.
  • If you want to look for car parts, it must be with one of the 3 authorized people.
  • Members must get approval and make monetary contributions for car parts.
  • It was suggested that the donation of parts to the club should be recognized on the website.
  • It was suggested that that the Garage be organized in the following work areas, with tools corresponding to that type of work in their respective areas:
  • Carburetor repair area
  • Tire area
  • Degreasing and Sand Blasting area
  • Machining w/work table area
  • Electrical area
  • Project car area
  • Boddy work and painting area
  • Welding area
  • Cleaning, buffing and waxing area
  • Storage for sheet metal area
  • _____________
  • Discussed was the need for a separate fund for tools and materials. This need has previously been met with the proceeds of the $1.00 donation provided by each member on Tinker Tuesday. If this is not sufficient it was proposed to increase our annual membership dues. No motion was initiated.
  • With regards to our website, a suggestion was made to add the following pages:
  • Contributions to the club
  • Classifieds

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 AM

Submitted by: Kim Ziffra, President, Crankin A’s Model A Restorers Club, Inc.