The October Meeting of the Crankin A’s Model A Restorers Club, Inc., was opened by President, Kim Ziffra, at 10:00 AM on October 28. 2023, at the Pioneer Art Settlement, 176 Lightfoot Ln., Barberville, FL., 32105.  

There were 38 members present. It was requested that the minutes of the September Meeting be accepted as posted on our website:  A motion was made and accepted. 

 Our Treasurer, Dennis Dunn reported that we have $1,178.37 in our Club Treasury; $10,841.57 in our Herman’s Garage Fund and $6,485.46 in our Donation Fund.  

Our current membership is 76 members.  Dennis asked that all membership forms be filled out and a check for $60.00 be made out to “Crankin A’s Restorers Club” be either sent or given to him by our November/December Meeting on December 2, 2023.

 Sunshine Report:    Karen reported sending out 6 Get Well cards:  Nancy Clark, Kert Roberts, Homer Fisher, Frank Banfi and Bunny Seibers; and a Thinking of You card to Jeff & Lisa Moore for the loss of their Niece. 

Cleo Banfi on Henry Ford Trivia:  In 1914 he made the first electric model – the first recall was on the Model T because they tried to be frugal in stuffing for cushion seats using Spanish moss – became infested with bugs and customers were bitten. 

 Susan & Paul Howes and Susan & JB Barnes celebrated their 50th Anniversary and Lori & James Foresman also celebrated their 45th Anniversary.   

A hearty “Happy 96th Birthday” to Angie Schneider.  

Bruce reported on the Pioneer Art Settlement meeting; they are looking for ways to increase donations.

 Old Business: We welcomed Ed Hart back who reported that he had contacted but not heard back from the T-shirt maker regarding pricing.  There is a minimum order needed before he can send in the request.  Contact Ed at 386-313-5866  e-mail is in Club directory (also for name tags). 

The picture of the Building Committee he has ordered for Garage Museum display will be in shortly. 

  New Business: Saturday, November 4th is the Fall Country Jamboree and Car Show opening at 9 AM.  There will be a 50/50 Drawing and Door Prizes (tickets will be $1.00 each) Judy has the registration forms for car show attendees.  No trophies at this Show.  Requested helpers arrive at 8:30 with Paul putting out the Car Show signs.   Will direct parking closer to pavilion to draw more attention from Jamboree participants.  Suggested a few Model A’s be parked in back near Garage and rest up front to get attention to Car Show. 

  November 7th will be GGG Ladies morning get together to be held at Angie Schneiders, 1699 Tall Oaks Rd., DeLand, FL 32720 at 9AM as Nancy Clark is recovering.  

November 8th is the First Responder Tour/Lunch meeting at the Garage at 9 AM driving to NAPA Auto Parts in Bunnell leaving 10:30 to Flagler Executive Airport in Palm Coast for Canine demonstration.  Lunch at noon at the Landing Strip Tavern (old Hijacker’s) restaurant.   Driving the Loop after lunch disbursing where convenient for home.  

Monthly Club Dinner is on November 9th at Bahama Breeze, 1786 W International Speedway (92) Blvd.  Daytona Beach, Fl. at 5 PM.  

 November 11th is the Annual Veterans Day Parade in DeLand.   Meet at parking lot across highway from Cook’s Restaurant at 8:30 AM – Parade starts at 10:00 AM.  

 November 14th at 10 AM is a demonstration on making tailgate brackets with member participation for the Club Huckster delivery truck project. 

 Glen reported it was coming along with Paul working on the wood.  November 19th is the Nutcracker Ballet at 2 PM at the Colosseum on N. Beach St., Daytona Beach.

  November 24th is The Gaslight Parade at the Casements in Ormond Beach, Route 40, Granada Ave.   

November 25th is the AACA Fortunata Park Car Show with registration from 8 to 11 AM.

December 2nd is our November/December Monthly Meeting and election of Officers for 2024/25.

 December 7th is our Annual Christmas Dinner Party at the Palmetto Club at 5 PM. 

December 9th is a Christmas Ballet at the Collosseum on N. Beach St., Daytona Beach – contact Marina & Jim Coidakis for tickets to both Nutcracker on 11/19/23 and 12/9/23. 

Nominating Committee spokesperson, Bruce Hawley, asked for any nominations from the floor for President; Vice President; and three Board of Directors replacing Fred Ziffra, James Foresman & JB Barnes.    As there were no new names presented, their single slate of candidates was given:  President, Paul Howes; Vice President, Kim Ziffra; Board of Directors:  Larry Antonelli, Glen Jewell, and Bruce Hawley.  This Slate of Candidates will be voted upon at our November/December Meeting on December 2, 2023.  

As our Treasurer, Dennis Dunn, volunteered to fill the void created when our former Treasurer, Connie Kwiecian, had to resign due to Ron’s illness and passing, Connie has stated that she can after the first of the new year, 2024, resume her duties as our Treasurer and Dennis wholehearted agree to let her retake the position as Treasurer.  We can’t “Thank” Dennis enough for all he has done to fill the gap and the great job he has done. 

Harvey Willis gave a short summation of our humble beginnings at the Pioneer Art Settlement with a new Herman’s Garage building and about who was largely responsible for it coming to pass.  It was voted to establish October 31, 2023 as Gudrun Benson Day honoring the Lady from the Pioneer Art Settlement who coordinated this project from the beginning 2 ½ yrs. ago.  We will gather at the Garage at 10 AM to present her with a framed decree of our gratitude for all she has done to help accomplish what we are enjoying today.  A cake made of ice cream sandwiches has been ordered to help celebrate. 😊

 Meeting adjourned at 11:23 AM and 50/50 was won by Cleo Banfi who will pick our January Monthly Club Dinner restaurant.

Respectfully Submitted: Elaine B. Lowe, Secretary