President - Paul Howes - 

My first exposure to the Crankin A's was when I visited the car show in Barberville. The excitement was in the air for me. I joined the Crankin A's in 2007 after purchasing my 1931 Ford Model A pickup truck. Being part of the club provides the opportunity to learn what makes the Model A tick and, along with it, make new friends. Of all my vehicles I enjoy driving the Model A the most. The  spring and fall tours are so much fun. Being in a line of 10 to 12 A's is a great sight. My hope is to move the club forward and create new memories. - Paul Howes -

Vice President - Kim Ziffra -

I have always has a soft spot in my heart for the Ford Model A.  In 2018 my husband and I finally purchased a 1930 coupe and joined the Crankin A's later that year. We spent the first few years mechanically restoring it. We could not have done it without the enthusiastic help from our club members, for which we will always be grateful. Additionally, I am honored to have been a part of building our new Clubhouse/Garage/Museum at the Pioneer Settlement in Barberville, Florida and officially moving our club's home there in April 2023. It is so exciting to see all those A's lined up around our building. The Crankin A's are truly our extended family and I look forward to assisting Paul as he leads us thru the next year, keeping us moving forward with fun and success. - Kim Ziffra -   

Secretary - Elaine Lowe -

My husband and I joined the Crankin A’s Car Club in 1999 owning just a Model A chassis.  Soon we were informed that if we wanted to join in all the fun activities we would need to buy a Model A.   It is hard to express the joy and fulfillment we experienced touring around in our 1931 Red Model A Roadster with this newly acquired family of Model A enthusiasts.   I learned to drive one also, which added to the enjoyment.   Being an active member for many years, I’d like to invite you to join us in our fun, alive family and share our love for adventurewhile preserving our 1928 – 1931 Model A’s for generations to come. - Elaine Lowe -

Treasurer - Connie Kwiecien -

Connie is returning as treasurer after a 1 year hiatus. We are happy to have her back for 2024  - Connie Kwiecien - 

Director - Fred Clark - 2023-2025

Director - Jeff Moore - 2023-2025

Director - Herman Wedemire - 2023-2025

Director - Larry Antonelli - 2024-2026

Director - Jim Coidakis - 2024-2026

Director - Glenn Jewell - 2024-2026