The January Meeting of the Crankin A’s Model A Restorers Club, Inc. was opened by President, Paul Howes, at 10:03 AM on January, 27, 2024, at the Pioneer Art Settlement, 176 Lightfoot Ln., Barberville, Fl.,32105. There were 48 members present and two guests: Jim & Janice. It was requested that the minutes of the November/December Meeting be accepted as posted on our Website A motion was made and accepted. In the absence of our Treasurer, Connie Kwiecien, Paul gave the report. Joe Filakosky made a motion that the financial report not be printed in our minutes, but made available to Club Members upon request. The motion was accepted by all Members present. Sunshine Report: Karen reported sending cards to Joe Dlubac and Sharon Jewell. Joe informed us of a very serious car accident involving Connie Kwiecien’s family. Fervent prayers are requested as they were seriously injured. Cleo Banfi presented trivia on Henry Ford. Henry’s Mother passed at age 37 and his only son, Edsel, died in 1943. Showed a sample of the old greeting cards. The first Valentine Card was February 14, 1477, that is preserved in the British Museum today. Bruce gave us a report on the Pioneer Art Settlement Board of Directors Meeting held the first Saturday of each Month at 2PM. He promoted the idea that more of our Club members become members of the PAS and listed the perks given to members for joining. They are having a test conducted to see if a permanent Bathroom can be built near Fire Station. Paul and Bruce are members of the Committee for accomplishing this project. Thanks was given to Steve & Andy for constructing a cover around present Porta Potty. Kim reported that the PAS has set April 7 th as our Car Show date in conjunction with their Playing on the Porches Day – this will be discussed as the last Sat. of March is Easter Weekend and Orlando Club who wanted to participate, cannot join on the 7 th of April. TBA Ladies Day at Angie’s will be on Feb. 7 th at 9 AM for coffee, etc. then on
to E F G Orchids on Marsh St. off International Speedway Blvd. that opens at 10 AM. All ladies are invited! Paul informed us that we donated $100 to the PAS toward a Butterfly Garden in honor of Mandi Liebee. Our December Board of Directors voted on spending $1000 from the Garage Fund to get the Chevy Truck in running and safe condition for Herman who provided all the materials to construct our new Garage. As David reported on all the time and effort he has put into this project, the cost has exceeded the amount approved and that he would donate it. It was unanimously agreed to up our Club contribution to $1,500 to cover all costs. Old Business: Ed Hart has the ordered T-Shirts with him to give out after meeting. Reported the cost of name tags as quoted last spring has greatly increased due to only 9 being ordered. Total would be over 25.00 each – A motion was made that they would cost each one $20 and the Club would absorb the additional cost only for the 9 that were ordered. Randy reported that the Jacksonville Club has a reasonable local supplier that Ed can contact for future orders. Ed Hart asked about our current Audit that he needs more information from Treasurer on and it was decided to delay until Connie can return from needed Family care. New Business: Paul invited us to check out our new Website – very easy to navigate – Thanked Randy Poirier for all his work and hours spent helping to set this up working with James & Kim and anyone else who pitched in to get it up an running. An article in the Model A News mentioned our Member, Dennis Dunn, for being a 40 year Member and co-founder with Bud Pike of the original Crankin A’s. New Business Cards are now available headed up by Kim. Kim will be taking over the article for the MARC Magazine from Joe Filakosky who did an excellent job for many years. Thank You, Joe! We are planning on having a Guest Speaker, Rita Gould, President of MARC, for our February Meeting coordinating through Kim. March Meeting date will be changed from 30 th (Easter Weekend) to March 23rd to enable us to
have a Presentation by Joel Mail on the Great Race of 1908 who needs 1½ hr. for slides and DVD. Steve Anderson is formalizing details for Ma Barker Tour on March 7 th along with a lunch stop following. TBA Tuesday, Feb. 6 th is our Board of Directors Meeting at Garage 10 AM. Regarding dumpster behind Barberville is not for personal use. Out House enclosure will have a lock on it for when we are not using it. Ed Hart volunteered to be our Sanitation Engineer for Educational Museum Area open to Public. Our Club Dinner will be Feb. 8 th at DB Pickels,400 S. Nova Rd., Ormond Beach, Fl. at 5 PM. Kim Ziffra and Jan Shepler are working on our Florida Model A Day on Oct. 5 th in conjunction with PAS Playing on the Porches event. Flyers will be distributed to all Florida Clubs to plan a possible two-night stay with camper parking and trailer parking available (no hookups) for a donation to PAS. Working on list of Hotels and B & Bs available if needed. Breakfast & lunch will be available at Settlement for reasonable purchase. No pets allowed at Settlement only Service Dogs. Meeting adjourned at 11:24 – Those interested - lunch at Castaways in Astor. 50/50 won by Andy Early who will pick our March Monthly Dinner Restaurant.
Respectfully Submitted: Elaine B. Lowe, Secretary