CRANKIN A”S MODEL A RESTORERS CLUB, INC. MEETING MINUTES – MARCH 23, 2024 The March Meeting of the Crankin A’ Model A Restorers Club, Inc., was opened by President, Paul Howes, at 9:59 AM on March 23, 2024, at the Pioneer Art Settlement, 176 Lightfoot Ln., Barberville, FL., 32105. There were 26 members present and 5 guests: Karlyn, daughter of Kent and Kari from Maryland; Judy ad Larry from the Jacksonville Club; and our Guest Speaker after meeting, Joel Mail and wife, Jean. It was requested that the minutes of the last meeting be accepted as reported on our Website; A motion was made and approved. The Treasurer report was given by Paul in Connie Kwiecien’s absence. It will be available upon request. 

Sunshine Report: Karen sent cards to: Larry Antonelle, Ann Schmidt, John Shepler, Paul Howes, Ray Nadenik, Jim Coidakis and Dennis Dunn. Pray for speedy recovery for all.

 Cleo Banfi reported on the Hatfield and McCoy Feud, two families who lived close to each other one in West Virginia and the other in Kentucky – tied it into Henry Ford purchasing coal mine in same county that never prospered and sold in 1930. Glenn Jewell reported on Project Car at the Garage – same as before. Dave reported on progress of Chevy truck– needs to be driven to check out running quality. Beth Young will be celebrating a Birthday on March 31st and Susan Howes (3/19) is two days older than Paul. (3/21) Paul gave Pioneer Settlement Report: they need volunteers to help with activities and events at the Settlement. Would love to see more of our members become Settlement Members also. They need our members to bring in baked goods and food items to sell at our Car Show and to volunteer in kitchen to help sell items. The perk tests have been finished and general area for restrooms has been chosen – need to create a design and layout.

 “THANK YOU” J.B. Barnes for donating a Tudor Sedan Model A for our next Project Car – can be seen displayed on front porch.

 Old Business: Ladies Day at Angie’s was a very pleasant morning at her home in DeLand with delicious baked goods and coffee– all ladies are welcome to share. March’s Monthly Dinner held at Fish House in DeLand was well liked by close to 40 attending. Ed Hart is doing a fantastic job taking care of the maintenance needed to keep our educational area at the Museum clean for the public – need volunteer to substitute for him during his time up North this summer. The Oviedo Mail Car Show was attended by six cars. 

New Business: Our Car Show is April 6, 2024. Friday, April 5 is our tent set up day – 9AM. - Come help and enjoy what is involved in the fun had with actually getting the tent up! Jim Coidakis has purchased the car dash plaques to be given out to participants in the Show. Kim Ziffra and Eric Nielson have printed the flyers to be distributed. Paul mentioned being contacted by the owner of a l930 Cabaret that has been sitting in garage since l980’s who will be trailering it to Show to sell – needs help pricing which depends on condition it’s in currently. Paul asked for interest in a tour to South Carolina Car Swap Meet April 19 and 20, 2024. Would take 2 days going up, the Friday and Saturday of Show and 2 days returning. They have vendors selling old and new car parts, music and food. Remembered touring a home with beautiful collection of Dolls and 10 very well taken care of Model A’s. A couple of members raised a hand – to be pursued further. Mark calendars for May 2nd at 11:00 AM, a day trip to Flagler Sheriff Museum Tour and lunch afterward at Captain’s BBQ located at Bings Landing, A1A, Palm Coast. Jim and Marina will organize the 2024 December 13th Christmas Dinner Party BUT only if committee is formed to find entertainment. Beth and Dennis Young will see if friend from Nashville can help find entertainment. Please contact if have any suggestions. 

Proposed change of due date for Membership Roster and Renewal Club/ MARC Dues is October 31st of each year from December 31st. This will allow time for the paperwork to be completed and submitted to MARC by their deadline. No change will be made to the fiscal year as it defines the Club audit, tax year for the IRS filing and bank documents. Thanks to Connie Kwiecien for her input and clarification. A sheet was being circulated for approval of name as shown for the Donation Plaque being worked on currently. Next month’s Dinner, April 11th will be at Alfie’s Restaurant, 1666 Ocean Sore Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 3216 at 5:30 PM (North of Granada on A1A.) April 27th is our Monthly Meeting at 10 AM

 Meeting adjourned at 10:57AM. 50/50 won by Joel Mail, who returned to the Club. Thank you, Joel. Roberta Covart volunteered to pick May’s dinner restaurant, which she promptly picked to be Bonefish, 1702 West International Speedway Blvd., Daytona Beach, Fl. Respectfully Submitted: Elaine B. Lowe, Secretary e Text