Last week approximately 10 of our model A's went on a day trip and the weather was nice. Summer is almost here and we will feel that it's too hot to be driving our model A's. Now is the time of year when our model A friends up north are dusting off their cars and enjoying the summer weather. Just imagine back in the 30's in Florida in the summer, it's 90 degrees, some days with rain and most likely the model A was parked outside. You are dressed up in your suit, it's hot, it's raining. Sounds like fun doesn't it???? So much for looking back in time. Our snow birds are gone and we are going to miss them. They may be small in numbers compared to the size of the club but contribute so much when they are here with us. Weather wise they are enjoying playing with their Model A's. Keep in mind that this month's meeting, May 25th, our meeting will end with a picnic to celebrate Memorial Day. Good friends and good food and enjoy the day. A time to reflect and be grateful. Take Care, Paulmple Text