8/15/23 Board of Directors meeting minutes are below:

  • Date: 8/15/2023 10:00 AM
  • Location 1776 Lightfoot Lane, Pierson, FL, USA (Map)

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Crankin A’s Board of Directors Minutes

Date/Time: 8/15/2023 at 10:08 AM

Location: The Garage educational area

The Board of Directors in attendance were Fred Clark, James Foresman, Jeff Moore, Herman Wedemire, Fred Ziffra. Absent was J. B. Barnes. A quorum was present.

Discussion of the following:

  • The building committee was dissolved at our 6/29/23 club monthly meeting. The board of directors will now be responsible for the necessary tasks to complete the interior and exterior areas of Herman’s Garage.
  • Jeff will research what is needed and the cost for AC in the work area of the Garage. Also discussed installing 2 smaller exhaust fans in the west gable end of the building to push hot air out. Previously 1 large fan was planned but it was determined that 2 smaller fans will fit properly in that area.
  • An angled concrete apron at the rear of the building for easy access of mobility units and vehicles, concrete at the side for access to the lift and a concrete pad for the portable toilet. Gary will contact Brads Concrete for a quote.
  •  Being included in the school tours at the Settlement was discussed.  It was decided that we would discuss the possibility of Tuesday only tours since we are already on the site.
  • A sign out/sign in sheet for small tools is now posted in the Garage.
  • Joe F and Kent oversee car parts. If you need a particular part, please see Joe F or Kent to make sure we do not need them for our club car projects.
  • Adding a rope around the Model T to limit liability risk.
  • 2023 International Model A Day Sat. 9/16/23 – day of:
  • Lunch in the auditorium
  • 50/50 Raffle (Judy and Dennis will donate White Diamond products, plus we will all try and get other donations)
  • music
  • Model A rides for visitors
  • Coolers with water
  • Make sure the pasture is mowed prior to the event

Meeting adjourned at 10:44 AM.

Submitted by: Kim Ziffra, President Crankin A’s Model A Restorers Club, Inc.