How to strengthen a floppy hood.

Courtesy of Herman Wedemire - April 11, 2023

As I continue to make improvements to my Model A, Some of which Henry Ford may have forgotten.  This is the first tip I am sharing. How to strengthen a floppy hood.

Is the lower section of your hood sloppy as a result of being worn by the latches? 

I have a solution which makes the hood very sturdy, better than new. 

I bought 3.5mm stainless rods on Amazon and drove them in the hole at the curl of the hood.  to form a spline full length of the hood edge. Now nice and sturdy. 

Note 3.5MM is a very tight fit and may be difficult to get into the hole. I used a 1/8 long drill followed by 5/32 long bit to clear the hole. 

Two rods for each side. You will have to cut a bit off one rod as two rods are longer than the hood edge. 

Rods can be bought at this link: Amazon Rod Link