:::::::Work in progress::::  UPDATE 4/10/2024                                                          Upgrade distributor to modern                                             Donor  Nissan L-18-----  CHANGED TO B210

Courtesy of Herman Wedemire - APRIL 2024

As I continue to make improvements to my Model A,   I will be working on modifying a Nissan distributor with centrifugal and vacuum advance to fit and work in the Model A..

I will update this page as I make progress.

The key requirements for a suitable candidate.

1. Rotation must be counter clockwise

2. From a 4 cylinder engine.

3. part that drops in the cylinder head diameter must be close to the original.

4. Length of shaft must be close to the original.

I chose the Datsun B210

L-18 ....  1: Rotation counter-clockwise.

              2: 4- cylinders

              3: Dia 1.06" which will easily machine to the original 1.0"

              4. Length of shaft is longer than original therefore can be machined to the exact dia.

Other considerations.: 

After getting the distributor to actually fit and operational, will have to work on the advance curves.

Will play around with effect of vacuum and may have to eliminate the use of vacuum altogether.

Springs will have to be substituted to provide the desired advance vs engine rpm.

Will use the old fashioned timing light and pulley market to achieve this.